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As per the Indian Trust Act 1882, a Trust is an arrangement where the author (trustor) transfers the property to someone else (trustee) for the benefit of a third person (beneficiary).

Such a property is transferred by the author/ trustor to the trustee along with a proclamation that the trustee should hold the property for the beneficiaries of the Trust. Any Non-Profit Organisations or any Individual holding the property can create and register the Trust. As compared to cooperative society or section 8 company, formation and registration of Trust is less cumbersome on part of registration and compliances.

The most preferred way to run an NGO or a non – profit organization is to form a Public Charitable Trust. It is a trust whose beneficiaries include the public at large. Further, a Public Trust can be further be subdivided into Public Charitable Trust and Public Religious Trust. The public trust may also be formed for following objects like – to enhance cultural, academic and social condition of the people, work for democracy, good governance, peace, justice and cooperation.

If you are desirous to form a public or private trust and you are looking for a professional to support you in drafting the trust deed, getting it registered with the registrar and obtaining a registration certificate, we are there for you. Get in touch with our expert team for more details.

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