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Shop & Est Registration

Once you start a business, you have to register your business under the Shop & Establishment Act via the Department of Labour of the respective State Government.

The Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1958 provides for the regulation and conditions of work and employment in Shops and commercial establishments. 

Each employer must submit a registration application for his/her shop or for any commercial establishment within 30 days of the start of their new business. This act is one of the mandatory provisions of all the businesses that operate from any establishment or shop. 

All the shops, the hotel, any food house, local restaurants, city theatres, any place for public entertainment and any other commercial establishment, etc., are regulated by this act and thus include a Shop and Establishment registration following the law.

Benefits of getting Shop and Establishment Act license

Certainly, the certificate obtained under the Shop and Establishment Act helps in: 

  • Opening a current account with bank. 
  • Further, in quickly getting the GST registration (although not mandatory for GST). 
  • Distribution of tenders with the departments of state government. 
  • Additionally, to obtain the legal status and making the creditors/suppliers and other stakeholders trust that the entity has registration with the authority and is not the fake one. 
  • Banks and other financial institutions may consider loan application based on certificates obtained.

If you are willing to register your establishment under Shop and Establishment Act or require a professional to support you in obtaining a registration certificate, we are there for you. Get in touch with our expert team for more details.

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