15CA & CB Certificate

Every person liable for making a payment to non-residents shall deduct TDS from the payments made to non-residents if such sum is chargeable to Income tax then the withholding tax need to be deducted and form 15CA and 15CB are the declaration for the same.
A person making the remittance (a payment) to a Non-Resident or a Foreign Company has to submit the form 15CA. This form is submitted online. In some cases, a Certificate from Chartered Accountant in form 15CB is required after uploading the form 15CA online.

Net Worth Certificate

Net Worth of an individual or an Enterprise is the aggregate resources of the individual or Enterprise less aggregate liabilities. Net Worth in this way gives a decent sign of the aggregate budgetary worth of a man at a point in time. Positive total assets that are developing year on year demonstrates great budgetary wellbeing then again, a negative total assets or total assets diminishing year on year indicates poor money related wellbeing. Total assets are utilized as a marker of budgetary wellbeing in different procedures.


Bank Account Opening

CA Certificate implies an authentication issued by a properly approved sanctioned Chartered accountant. In the said Certificate the CA influences an adjust to a sheet of your assets and liabilities and gives an endorsement as to your benefits of possession and what you need to pay to others. It implies that it is a rundown of your net riches and liabilities which the CA is approved to give an endorsement and most specialists depend upon and trust the testament of the CA.
Certificate is being issued to enable the entity to open a Current Account with the bank and the CAs are entrusted to verified the facts and on the basis of information and facts produced, certificate is issued.


Countries like US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and countries of Schengen Area have stringent visa process.
They would like to know about your wealth which has to be enough so that you return back to your homeland after your work/tour is over, or if you are sponsoring your child for studies it should be enough to cover the cost of education in that country. A Chartered Accountant Certificate is asked for to decide the monetary total assets of the visa candidate.



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